The Casting Call ‐ Server

Your role in the show ‐ Joining the team at Mylahore means that you’re part of the Mylahore family. When we invite friends and family into our homes we think of them as guests and we act accordingly. So, when our guests choose to come and dine with us, we treat them like their guests in our house.

At Mylahore we promise to provide a “welcomtastic” place for all our guests and our teams, and being cast in the role of a server in the team, means that you’ll be the key to making this promise a reality, time and time again.

Sure, you’ll be carrying out the tasks described below as part of your day-to-day duties, but far more important is how you view your role in helping our guest have the most incredible experience possible when they’re with us. You are the face of Mylahore to our guests, the heart and soul of how we do what we do.

You’ll work closely with your fellow Mylahore family members, ensuring the highest standards are met and exceeded; driving our guests experience into orbit which in turn makes all of us successful. And, you’ll be having fun whilst you work because having guests over to eat should never be a chore, right?!

Who’s the big cheese? Everybody wants to know who their boss will be and in your role, ultimately it’ll be the Restaurant Manager who will take care of you, giving you direction, recognition and support. They are supported as well by assistant and shift managers, who are also there to coach, support and motivate the team to deliver the kind of guest experience we aspire to.

What will I do? The first, second and third priorities of your role is providing outstanding guest experiences and ensuring our guests are safely looked after. Naturally there are many activities and duties that, taken together, ensure we can deliver the guest experience we’ve described. Here’s an example of some of the most important and consistent tasks that you’ll be responsible for when you’re ‘on stage’ serving our guests:

  • Welcome guests with a mile-wide smile and attention that tells them how pleased we are to see them
  • Ensure the table is set and it’s looking spick and span, ready for our guests to sit down and relax
  • Proudly present our menus, talking passionately about the menu options, explaining how dishes are prepared
  • Make suggestions, based on your own preferences and considering what best complements the guest’s needs, genuinely striving to ensure they make the right choices for them as they place their order with you
  • Teamwork. Like nothing you’ve experienced before, working closely with your fellow Mylahore family members on shift is essential to having a fun and successful day at work
  • Resolve any issues or concerns that guest may have with speed, professionalism and good humour, never taking personally any criticism that might come your way
  • Be attentive and keep an eye on your guests, topping up drinks or offering additional suggestions to make their experience even better
  • Ensuring guests have everything they need and are happily (but not uncomfortably) full at the end of their meal, before dealing with the final tasks of issuing the bill and accepting payment from them
  • Thanking our guests for choosing to dine with us and to give us the opportunity to show them what we can do
  • Maintaining the guest areas to ensure the highest possible standards of cleanliness and presentation. From the guest toilets to tables, to personal hygiene and appearance, all team members take personal pride and responsibility in maintaining the standards of excellence that we’re famous for
  • Be open and adaptable to taking on tasks and duties that your manager or a colleague asks you to assist with. We’re all in this together to deliver a guest experience that is second to none
  • Actively attend and participate in scheduled team meetings and shift briefings, making suggestions and taking on board the ideas of others that lead to continually improving what we do and how we do it

What we’re looking for in our next family

  • A passion to serve and take care of others
  • A customer first mind-set that sees our guests as the reason for our work, not an interruption to it
  • Prior experience in a customer focused role, serving guests in a hospitality or retail environment
  • A desire to solve problems for guests, liking nothing more than knowing that you’ve not just fixed a problem but blown away the guest’s expectations in doing so
  • A team player who looks to support others, going out of their way to help someone in need
  • A strong belief in personal responsibility and integrity, doing what you say you’ll do, when you say you’ll do it, even if no-one is looking!
  • An eye for detail and an attention to cleanliness and safety for our guests and family members

This is not a complete list of all the things you’ll be getting involved in as a key player in the Mylahore team. We must all be open minded and adaptable to ensure we take on board new duties, new ideas and new responsibilities, with always the aim to enhance the guest experience in mind

We are a family. We work together in a manner which promotes equality of opportunity; dignity and due respect for all our employees, our guests and clients and which we proudly describe in our company’s equal opportunities policy.